Creating a new kind of media company.

The MartianMade® brand has always had a reputation for integrity and guest service, and these values continue to guide the direction of MartianMade, LLC.
Building on its foundations of art, philosophy, and service, we are creating new outlets for MartianMade® creative media and products.

MartianMade® Software Division has been re-established, and some long-anticipated games and other apps are again in the works, authored by both in-house and independent Devs. Programming to follow at, now under development.

MartianMade® Music Division is producing music and contributing to sound for projects under development by other divisions. is where to learn about those projects, and hear some of their music - Coming Soon

MartianMade® Retail Division coordinates and executes acquisition of inventory required for production of projects under other divisions. Providing a storefront for consumer goods, including software, games, and music produced by other divisions, it will also serve as a point-of-contact for the public. Watch for our online doors to open soon, right here.

These divisions make up MartianMade®, with more coming from us, in the future. 

Our Mission

To create a media company that is guided by the values of ethical behavior in business and highest regard for personal privacy, preserve creative freedom, and respect the intellectual property rights of those we partner with, to reliably bring the most truthful information, and best quality goods to every guest we serve, using the safest and most sustainable, secure technologies available.

Secure is protected by Secure Socket Layer, and McAfee Certified. No personal information is collected, preserved, nor shared.


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